I teach people how to integrate fun and creative movements in daily life, to release back pain and body tensions . By way of motioning our spine, we are able to shift our mood, muscle stiffness and mindset in powerful ways.

I teach people how to integrate fun and creative movements in daily life, to release back pain and body tensions . By way of motioning our spine, we are able to shift our mood, muscle stiffness and mindset in powerful ways.

Finding Flow whilst tapping into your joy.

Movement has always dug me out of a difficult spot in my life, be that physical or emotional unrest. I spent years and years letting off steam, grooving and getting down in many spaces from tiny underground matchbox clubs to my bedroom!

It was unconscious at the time, but in hindsight spending many a year in off the grid nightclub spaces was my movement “joy” therapy. Fast forward 20 odd years and movement is still a heavy feature in my life- albeit it shows up differently for me now. 

We all have these incredible vessels that we live in. Do we honour and respect them? Like really really honour them.

I know in my clubbing younger years I had been pretty mindless to how I was moving my body and got into patterns of not listening and this unfortunately did result in plenty of ickiness from back spasms, to neural pain to snapped ligaments.

What did I care though, I was getting lifted emotionally  from the weekly sweat-gasms!

These days I am more mindful to the moves I bring into my body haha.

What I love about integrating a daily fluid freeform and joyful movement practice, is that it accesses your nervous system, your joy filled bodies highways and your energy system in a way that holistically is able to miraculously shape shift your distresses, pains, tensions and tightnesses in your back and body, often within minutes, sometimes within moments.

It wakes up an oceon of joyful hormones which in many cases can be similar in feeling to a full blown body orgasm!

Sorrry but not sorry J When I started listening to my body and the plethora of joy and free flowing codes that live deep down in our cells, our tissues, our DNA , well I started to really connect in with my authentic and most joyous self. My ickle celebration buddies living deep in my emotional and physical body started to partaaaayyyyy!

I am a naturally led intuitive- although I spent many years fumbling around with dumbing down my natural instincts-oh the lessons were strong! Acute injuries were very prevalent. Joy was then a stranger. Relate? Or is this a Pisces thang!

In my view, intuition, joy and flow are a beautiful trio that compliment one another down to a capital J and a legendary BIG F! These ingredients can really serve as the antithesis of sadness, depression, melancholy, anger and the list goes on…

When really honouring your intuition, it’s as though  you have stepped on the gas for welcoming more flow and joy in to your days weeks, months…

Upon building a business I have discovered that my methods and ways of building said business are informed hugely by tending to my garden of natural instincts, doused with daily sprinkles of mindful movement, and ultimately deciding to lead from that place rather than the left sided strategy and/or more methodical way of “getting things done”.

I have discovered the secret sauce for my personal productivity whilst maintaining my emotional wellbeing is honouring my daily practice and prioritising that first and foremost ahead of everything else.

Generally, my way of doing things is and can feel quite messy, illogical or scatty but it makes complete sense to my nervous system, my unique operating system AND my joy muscle receptors.

When I initially became more intentional about integrating more flow and joy into my life, intrinsically what happened was the noise dialled down on those “should” voices, the chatter around the can’ts, nots and all of that non-starter wordage began to diminish and those self conversations began to orient more towards asking the questions of “How can I bring more flow into my day”, “What can I practically do to FEEL more flow” and “What brings me daily joy”.

Hey I am not saying that those other convos are no longer around, but they are a darn lot less invasive in the monkey mind than they use to be!

Finding flow and tapping into daily joy is born directly out of my desire to now choose to swim with the tides of my own personal and professional rhymes and rhythms.

When I follow the felt sense of what actually feels good- yeah that old chestnut of FEEL GOOD- I spend less time on socials, more time moving my spine, less time attending my focus on people whose vibes feel off to my soul and more time living my fluid joyful truth, combined with a strong dose of music. Does this resonate? Who doesn’t enjoy shaking their hips a fw minutes a day J

I know my “overwhelmed” susceptible nature coupled with a sensitive nervous system means that burn out of information overload are never too far from my experience, which enhances that deep knowing around the tools I choose to incorporate into my day to day experience are going to have direct impact on the ability to soft dive in and out of socials healthier, support the tasks in hand of building and sustaining a business, and living a life that is oozing ease, joy, grace and flow.

So what are the tools of flow and joy I hear you ask?

Well that’s always motioning the spine, movement expression, muuuuuusic (this is the current playlist that’s on rotation) and grounding myself via breath, play and laughter. Oh yeah we love a bit of smiling at strangers and a lot of random laughter.

Your turn now. What are your tools of joy that you rely on regularly to invite that sense of flow into your life?  

Lets keep joyfully moving!

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