I teach people how to integrate fun and creative movements in daily life, to release back pain and body tensions . By way of motioning our spine, we are able to shift our mood, muscle stiffness and mindset in powerful ways.

I teach people how to integrate fun and creative movements in daily life, to release back pain and body tensions . By way of motioning our spine, we are able to shift our mood, muscle stiffness and mindset in powerful ways.

You should NOT have to live in pain

Yesterday when I was doing some computer work, I noticed that a fair bit of tension had started to build in my neck, shoulders and lower back.

I took that as a cue to lead myself through a quick, 10-min practice of stretching my back, side-body, hips and hamstrings. Then gently started some activation for my core muscles and focused movement work for resetting my head position.

After this quick, fun practice I felt so much better. Lower back had calmed down. Neck and shoulders felt less crabby and overall I felt a massive reset.

This is the kind of stuff I teach so your body is conditioned to function so well, you don’t get those aches and pains in the first place!

Do you think you have to live with any kind of body pain you may well be feeling and have been experiencing for way too long?

I hear on the daily about all kinds of bodily discomfort from loved ones, casual acquaintances and strangers. And it makes me nuts!

The levels of discomfort that are common in normal peoples’ bodies, leave me appalled and dismayed.

Is this you..?

  • Do you really regularly have low back pain?
  • Is your neck actually sore oftentimes?
  • Do you truly regularly have tension headaches?
  • Are your hips/back/shoulders often out of whack?
  • Is stress really making it hard for you to focus?
  • Do you actually feel like you need to turn to expensive professional massage, acupuncture, chiropractors, etc to be able to manage these conditions?
  • Do you take for granted that you’ll need Nurofen in your life forever to manage physical discomfort?
  • Have you resigned yourself to the idea that one day you might need surgery to deal with body breakdown?


This is no way to live! You should NOT have to live like this!

ESPECIALLY because there are simple, fun, natural ways to reverse and prevent ALL of these conditions. I practice them every day and teach them several days a week!

I do not need to hire a masseuse, have never been to a chiropractor, and have never needed PT. It is very rare that I experience body pain or breakdown at all.

I simply prevent it through my practice. And YOU CAN TOO.

The problem is you’ve been taught to think you can’t.

We live in a ridiculous culture that promotes extreme fitness practices over basic biomechanics – so often typical workouts also cause bodily breakdown.

We live in a culture that has brainwashed you into thinking surgeries for major joints are inevitable with time.

We live in a culture that perpetually normalizes taking painkillers and patching up what’s “broken” instead of preventing it in the first place.

It makes me so CRAZY to hear about the aches, pains and body-breakdown of loved ones when I KNOW so much of it is preventable.

If it hasn’t become clear to you yet, THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I TEACH in my Free Your Spine Method.

I teach specific techniques to:

  • Condition your major joints (hips, shoulders, etc.) for pain-free, optimal range of motion.
  • Align the bones of your upper body so your head stays lifted and shoulders stay open.
  • Train the balanced use of muscle groups throughout your body, to prevent over-use of certain muscles that could lead to wear and tear.
  • Deeply, profoundly awaken the muscles of your core for inner strength and stability that radiates throughout your limbs.
  • Master your breath to master your nervous system – no longer spiraling into patterns of mental/emotional stress and anxiety.


All this happens in my Free Spine Free Mind which happens to be on sale right now.

Sign up before 23rd August and its £459 for a month of live classes 3x a week!

LINK: Free Spine Free Mind

We kick off 6th September!

This price is NOTHING given how you will feel in your body if you actually do the practices regularly.

What’s it worth to feel really good, really safe, really comfortable in your physical self? To me, it’s priceless.
JOIN NOW. But don’t just join – commit. This practice is the basis for all of the amazing things you do with your body… and hope to do in years to come.

Movement Matters!

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