Emotions are energy in motion.
Our feelings live in our body.
By way of motioning our spine, we are able to shift our mood
and mindset in powerful ways.

Nicola Cher Geismar

Emotions are energy in motion.
Our feelings live in our body.
By way of motioning our spine we are able to shift our mood and mindset in powerful ways.

Nicola Cher Geismar

free your spine to free your life.

A transformative 3, 6 or 12 month movement mentoring programme

"My mission is to uplift, empower and elevate our present and next generation of leaders, so that we can LEAD from a place of optimum physical and emotional wellbeing." Nicola Cher Geismar

Are you a next level thinker who is already creating impact in the world, with strong awareness to the importance of your back health, in order to fulfil your dreams and missions from a state of feeling 'well' in your being ?

Do you have a strong desire to finally feel all the good juju vibes in your back and body health ?

Do you want to wake up your sleeping 'move free' potential, so that you experience ultimate physical liberation every day ?

Do you have a growth mind space that is feeling called to develop an uplifting mindful movement practice to help facilitate a stronger bond to yourself ?

Are you side eyeing your present issues in your tissues, stiff spine, achy back and hips and you KNOW that the time is now to do something finally about it ?

Do you want to be FULL of vibrancy and energy in your day to day life ?

Welcome to free your spine to Free Your Life

Free your spine to free your life is a 3,6 or 12 month movement adventure designed to elevate and empower you towards unleashing deeper layers and levels of yourself in order to lead, serve, impact, love and live from an embodied and powerful sense of self-worth, self-love and wellbeing.

My story of self-loathing to self love with the help of my spine.

At some point you come to a cross roads where you got to edge towards the first step of the self love train cause you know life has become a little TOO much.

You know when you keep attracting that same partner in your life or finding yourself in that less than feel good friendship- again!- or you are still in the job that isn't paying your worth ten years on- yeah you know you got to start doing the inHER work right ...

2012 was the beginning of my journey. Started with the investigation of meditation and then moved swiftly into the creation of The City is my Playground well-being initiative cause I still NEEDED that distraction from all those body and dance injuries, and was on the uncertain first step of curiosity into that self love.

Four years on and lots of efforting and 'trying' to get into the vibe of self-lovin', I got the prompt to move up to the first floor of this journey.

I started getting more into embodiment practices such as Kundalini and Feldenkrais- movement is a powerful soothing balm to those self loathing terrors of your mind.

Gradually the space between floors began to shrink and I was climbing up the ranks of this self love ish.

The development of Free Your Spine which at its core is about expressing yourself, spending time with getting to know your spine and playfully fall in love with your back, has been instrumental to my own personal growth.

The journey is the journey. The journey is YOUR journey and will look the way it’s going to look for you.

A powerful lesson for me was a realisation that self love actually is a feeling, that it's an embodiment that can take some time, but when it starts to drop in, by George (ina) it feels like you have met your partner in crime.

That being YOU

Join me in this journey of self discovery towards deeper sense of self through this unique spinal based movement practice.

The FYS method is gentle and achievable. Every time I finish a session with Nicola, I get a sense of relief in my back that I can't seem to achieve without this lovely guidance. Thank you for helping me detangle my spine!
Rebekah Ford

You are as old as your spine feels.

I am here to tell you that we can successfully reclaim your energy levels, physical wellbeing and elevate your mood space with the FYS practice, helping you tap into a full bodied living experience of holistic success.

Nicola was great at putting me at ease. She talked me through the movements. I loved the fact that they were done to music and Nicola has great taste in music! Nicola’s method addresses a person and the movements rather than being a set of movement that you perform.
The movements are deceptively simple but you do feel the effects/benefits afterwards. I really enjoyed my experience which helped me get in touch with my body and movement in way in which other exercises haven’t done.
Rubina Hughes

It's your birthright to feel wonderful from the inside out.

By integrating a consistent Free Your Spine practice into your week including wriggling, shaking, twisting, circling and more, we dive deep into strengthening and stretching your body AND life's purpose from the inside out.

Nicola is GREAT at what she does. She has formulated her own unique method and it works brilliantly. She knows how to work with someone on an individual level and how best to encourage them to move their body and have fun whilst doing so.
Karina Sauerland

Emotions are Energy in motion. our feelings live in our Body.

Are you ready to feel your feelings and move through, with and let go of all that is no longer serving you to tap into your next chapter of optimum wellbeing?

Utilising the body- specifically via spinal and hip movements- as a gateway channel- we will uncover a renewed sense of creativity, an anchored sense of self and surrender into deeper levels of physical and emotional freedom.

Fantastic teacher. Have been working with her online during Covid along with my daily well-being walks. Nicola is friendly, approachable with lots of patience!

Would highly recommend.
Lisa Bruce

The free your spine to free your life experience will:

Transform your physical wellbeing 10x.

Activate a deeper connection to your impact in the world and sense of self.

Increase the flexibility in your hips and build your core strength from the inside out.

Build agility and strengthen your mind x10

Elevate the quality of your relationships towards yourself and others.

Make day to day tasks/activities less mundane by inviting more flow in your work and personal regimes.

Motivate you to cultivate your own "move little and move often" practice.

Anchor in a powerful baseline of physical and emotional resilience.

Decrease stress levels, boost your energy levels and give you better posture.

What makes FYS different to other movement practices?

The FYS practice is centred and built upon four pillars:


Module one

Laying down the aligned foundation by: Introducing release, restoration and deep core challenges into the body via mobilisation, self massage and discrete movements to build a deeper layer of suppleness, strength and softness into the joints, soft tissue and muscles.


Module 2

Empowering you in building your strength and flexibility from the inside out.


Module 3

Supporting you in Moving in and towards a playful practice full of freedom and flow helping you to expand into your birthright of feeling wonderful from the inside out and flying free of your back and body pain.


Module 4

Guiding you towards a playful practice by helping you to expand into your birthright of feeling the fun vibes from the inside out whilst flying free of your back and body pain.

This transformational Movement mentoring program includes:

A bi-monthly 90 min bespoke (to you) led practice via Zoom

Scheduled at a time and day that works best for you Mon-Friday. All the practices are saved and sent to you in a link after the session.

Up to two movement accountability checks a month (on days chosen by you)

Connecting via Voxer or email (your choice) to motivate, remind and reinforce the importance of staying on track with a regular practice.

Regular dance breaks 🙂

Free your spine is FOR YOU if...

You want to learn a unique movement method developed to elevate your personal and professional wellbeing.

You KNOW that by moving through your tensions, and chronic areas of physical and emotional resistance with the support of someone who has 25 + years of experience will help you to break free of your aches and pains.

You want to learn and grow in a place that makes you feel safe, heard and understood by a movement leader holding space to enable you to see what’s happening.

You want help, support and guidance in reaching your next level of physical and emotional wellbeing.

You're committed to doing the movement work between our sessions that’s necessary for radical physical shifts and emotional expansion. You want the physical and emotional transformation.

You're ready to take full responsibility and to get your hands dirty whilst still getting the 1:1 support you’re craving.

If you want things to shift, you are in the right place! Ultimately your results will depend on how much you are willing to dive into the movement transformation and commit to the consistent “move little move often” work between our sessions.
Are you ready for that? Lets catch those vibes 🙂

Investing in yourself, Your work, Your life, in YOU.



12 MONTHS £28K

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